Compshield - Making Workmans Comp Work

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You will find us to be friendly and professional, but most importantly, we will be your advocate and help you gain control of your workers compensation costs.

Stop the Surcharges!

There are so many "hands" involved in the workers compensation system, claims adjusters, attorneys, medical providers, fraudulent employees. The chances are good that you are being overcharged for your workers compensation, and you are not even aware of it. In fact, your agent or broker is probably not even aware of it. Eliminating these surcharges can reduce your costs by thousands of dollars each year.

Who Can You Trust?

Think about it. The more premium you pay, the more your agent or broker makes, since their commission is a percentage of the premium. The more open claims you have, the higher the surcharges your insurance company can assess you. What incentive does your agent/broker or company have to reduce your costs?

It's Your Money!

Workers comp is unique and unlike any other insurance product. The claims paid by your insurance company come right out of your pocket. The price of your policy is just the tip of the iceberg. The real story are the costs lurking beneath the waterline.